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Canadian Financial provides comprehensive funding to residential and commercial customers and home services dealers nationwide for products including, but not limited to, HVAC (ductless systems, fireplaces, boilers, combi-boilers, heat pumps etc.), indoor air quality, water filtration, roofing and renovations.

Our funding options include a 100% approval rent-to-own program for residential HVAC equipment, indoor air quality and water filtration, and affordable monthly payment options for renovations, windows and roofing. Our financial services are available for homeowners and business owners looking for monthly payment options that fit their budget and home services dealers looking to close more deals and boost their bottom line.

Funding for HVAC and Home Services Dealers

Canadian Financial provides funding to HVAC and home services dealers across the country, enabling them to offer our exclusive automatic approval rent-to-own program and/or affordable monthly payment plans to their customers which helps them instantly expand their customer base and increase their profits. When you become an authorized dealer with Canadian Financial, you will have a significant advantage over your competition as you’ll have the ability to offer a 100% approval rent-to-own program for HVAC, IAQ and water filtration products, as well as the ability to enable customers to pay monthly for home renovations such as new windows, doors and roofs! You will feel great about helping customers finally embark on home renovation projects that they weren’t able to afford before as they didn’t have the money to pay up-front!

We are proudly 100% Canadian owned and operated!

Not Just Another Financial Institution

Canadian Financial is not your average funding institution that is all about the money. We put our customers first and are committed to helping homeowners and business owners increase the value of their properties. We’re dedicated to helping Canadian HVAC and home services dealers increase their customer base, boost their bottom line and stand out from the competition!

We pride ourselves on 100% transparency and will keep you closely updated on all aspects of the funding process. We are available 24/7 to assist you with any questions that you may have.

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About our 100% Approval Rent-to-Own-Program

Canadian Financial believes that all residential customers deserve the ability to upgrade their HVAC equipment and increase the value of their properties, regardless of their financial situation. This is why our 100% approval rent-to-own program is the most lucrative in the industry. Our automatic approval rent-to-own campaign covers the following home services: HVAC, indoor air quality, water filtration and automatic standby generators. We are the ONLY financial institution in the nation that can fund 100% of residential customers for these home services, regardless of their beacon score, or debt to income ratio. We take pride in our unique ability to assist customers that have been denied by other funders.

Campaign Territories

Canadian Financial Corporation provides our complete portfolio of financial services in all Canadian provinces!

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Get Funded!

Whether you are a homeowner looking for a few furnace or ac, a business owner looking to install a new HVAC system, a roofing company tired of turning down customers who can’t afford to pay upfront, or an HVAC dealer looking to offer a guaranteed approval rent-to-own program to your customers, Canadian Financial can provide the funding that you need. Contact us to schedule your free consultation and discover how you can benefit from our portfolio of reliable financial services and get funded today!